Friday, September 26, 2008

The Specialist Speaks...

So today we met with the Maternal-Fetal Specialist doctor. Both he and his staff were very reassuring and nice.

Shall we start with the good news first? Yes, I think so too.

He confirmed that we are in fact, having one boy and one girl. Both babies are doing great and are measuring right where they should be at 20 weeks. All of their parts and organs and limbs and stuff all look great! So YAY!

Moving on to the not so good news: when he saw the Previa, he stopped and said "WOW! Now -that- is previa. You have -complete- previa, not a moderate or mild case...Complete."

So the bottom lines from this visit are as follows:
(1) Previa babies tend to be smaller on average, but we can't really tell at this point how small she will be, we will just have to watch them and see how the weight thing goes.

(2) There is a chance that the previa will NOT move (due to my previous c-section) and turn into something called Placenta Accreta. Kinda scary sounding...could mean I end up with an ordered 'C-Section' and a side dish of 'Mandatory Hysterectomy' that we were not counting on.

(3) The specialist said that if our OB was anyone -other- than who we are using, he would have to be way more involved in our pregnancy....basically, he said our OB Doctor ROCKS!!! Which we knew....and is why we use her :o)

(4) There is a chance that before we get to the end, I will end up hospitalized. He looked at the hubby and said "You will basically become a Single Parent." We had already wrapped our minds around this possibility, so this was not -new- news for us to consider.

(5) And lastly, I'm not to pick up anything 'heavier than a spoonful of gumbo.' Which by the way, is FINE with me! As long as it is PAW'S GUMBO! :o)

We go back to see our OB on Tuesday of next week, and will see what she has to say about all of the above....and add anything else that we need to be aware of...

If I could drink, I would all of you out there that CAN drink, please do so and think of me :o)

I'm a little (okay a lot) freaked out by this latest round of info, but I'm glad we have the info. If you are of the praying kind, please keep all of us in your prayers....these next few months will be hard on all of us....E is already kinda taking it on the chin with me not being able to pick her up and play with her like I used too....the hubby is pulling triple duty as employee, hubby and father....

We can definitely use any and all positive thoughts and prayers!

But hey! The Twins Are Doing Great!!! And in 4 more weeks they will be viable, should anything tragic happen, so that is really, really we are keeping our chins up - all three of mine :oP

Love to all,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weddings & Sonograms

So the Texas Deaton clan drove up to Kansas City for Uncle Bin's wedding this past weekend. The event was held in a really cool old hotel that they have converted to a resort and spa The Elms Resort. They are really big into Truman there! :o)

At any rate, the hubby, E and I drove up to KC on Friday morning. It was a long ride, about 9 hours. E did pretty good, considering. At one point, the only thing she liked was when the hubby would spontaneously roll down the windows in the truck and all manner of stuff would start flying around. She thought that was hysterical! And we in turn, thought she was hysterical! You should try it, driving about 70 mph :o)

We arrived around 7:15pm, and took a pit stop at Bin and Carmen's house so E could get out and play with some cousins before we tried to drive up to the hotel and check in for the weekend. Memaw and Pa were there too, so it was a big fun time for all the little girls! E and Bella played really well together, and the twins (which are a little over one now) are getting so big! They can stand up, but not quite walk yet. I can -finally- tell them apart...if they are together.....if it is just one, I'm batting a 50-50 average....go figure. But they sure are CUTE!!!

So a little after 8pm, we headed up to the hotel with Memaw and Pa following us. Thank God for GPS!!! It was a little squirrely in the dark, but we all made it. E was so tired, but was NOT interested in sleeping on the air mattress we brought for her. She decided that the best place for her to sleep was between the hubby and I....and 'sleep' is being generous! She is a little talking windmill in her sleep...she gets that from the hubby!

After a restless evening, we hooked up with Memaw and Pa, and Tim's family for breakfast....and then went exploring the hotel and property. We located the outdoor hot tub and the indoor heated swimming pool....and the SPA!!!! Memaw and Aunt Courtney opted for mid morning being just shy of 4 months pregnant, I opted to watch the kids :o)

Saturday was fun playing with the cousins and going through the rehearsal. Then we all caravaned back down to Kansas City for the rehearsal dinner at a Mexican Restaurant. E enjoyed eating her very first soft taco and trying the cheese dip. Pa gave a toast, that I'm sure, Bin could not wait -to end-!!!! But all in all, we really enjoyed meeting Carmen's family. They are a great bunch of folks who also can laugh at themselves as much as we laugh at we all got along great!

After returning to the hotel, everyone without kids hooked up at the gazebo and sat around and talked and drank and laughed, and some of those with kids hit the indoor pool. As for us, E fell asleep on the car ride from the restaurant, and we took advantage of it, and fell asleep too! We are so 'party poopers'! :o)

Sunday morning we got to watch Bella until picture time, which started at noon. She and E just had a big ole time playing and running around outside. Then it was on to getting everyone dressed and ready for pictures and then the wedding started at 2pm. It was a nice ceremony, filled with funny when Carmen was doing her "repeat after me part" of her vows and got to the "in richer or poorer" part, she said "in richer or richer" and everyone, including the minister busted out laughing.....she just looked at all of us and smiled and shrugged her shoulders as if to say "what?".....hysterical! Later on, I told Carmen that we all needed a laugh, and Bin piped up and said "hey man, we have already done the poorer part....there is only one way to go from here, and that is UP."

The reception was great. After eating all they could, the kids decided someone just HAD to they took to instigating the dance craze that followed. There are some great pictures of the kids dancing with various people, and one short video of E dancing with her cousin Andrew below.

Eventually we dwindled out of the reception and regrouped later on at the indoor pool. All of us with kids that would be going into cars the next day for the long rides back to our perspective homes decided it was an EXCELLENT idea to wear them out in the pool! It worked :o)

Our ride back home Monday was pretty uneventful and remarkably quiet. Both E and I did a lot of sleeping on the ride home. And everyone was happy to get to sleep in their own beds Monday night :o)

New Topic:
On Thursday, the hubby and I went for our 17 week sonogram and were told we would be having One Boy and One Girl! We are very excited! This sonogram showed them both to be doing pretty good, and growing according to plan. We even got a really funny sonogram picture of Baby Boy with his butt in Baby Girl's face!!!

We also received some bad news. The girl is Baby A, or the one lowest/closest to the 'exit'. I have been diagnosed with a condition called Full or Complete Placenta Previa. It is the girl babies placenta that is causing this issue.

What this means for me is No Lifting of any kind, including picking up E. My life of Leisure just became more leisurely....I will be having ultrasounds every two weeks to see if it moves, and hopefully it will. If it does not, I have just won a door prize of One Scheduled C-Section! We are all just hoping and praying that it does not get worse, and I end up on some kind of bed rest or worse.

If bed rest does occur, the Grandma's are all on alert and have volunteered to come down and help out whenever we need them.


If you are the praying kind, please keep us in mind!

Love to all,

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