Monday, July 20, 2009

Where does all the time go...

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything. These kids sure do keep me busy! :)

So we packed up the kids and headed to Arkansas for the July 4th holiday with Memaw and Paw. Also Aunt Marcy and Uncle Taim were there so we were able to finally meet our newest cousin Madeline, Lucas' little sister. And we got to show off M & F to Aunt Marcy's crew :)

We tried to watch some fireworks that weekend, but E does not like loud noises. She likes the lights, but she has to have her ears covered to enjoy it. :)

Later in the evening I started showing my age...the house behind Memaw's sits in a cul de sac and around 10:00 pm, they were shooting off fireworks that were SO LOUD...I lost my temper....we had 3 infants and 2 toddlers trying to sleep. When the firecrackers started hitting the house, I went into Memaw's room and told her she should probably call the cops before I started walking around the block to perform some violence (I know what you are thinking: "{gasp!} No! Not you Cherise!")

Yup. That was me. Well she did in fact call...they told her they had had more than one complaint in that area. But God still loved me despite my temper He rained on them, and then it was all quiet. However, the storm did eventually wake up E with nightmares...she and the hubby spent some quality time in the recliner in the front room while trying to reassure her it was all okay.


E is really starting to swim more and more on her own. The hubby has worked miracles with her this summer! She will actually jump in from the side of the pool without any type of flotation device and swim to you; and then turn around and swim back so she can do it all over again!! We are very happy at her progress! There is a short little (very grainy) movie clip of E swimming back and forth to Papa.

She is also practicing writing. They are teaching her to write the letters of the alphabet at school, and she will come home and ask us to write out words, like "Mama" and "Papa" and then go off and write them herself. One day she surprised me with writing these out ON HER OWN without me having written them first for her to use as an example!!!! She wrote Papa as Popo and Mama she wrote as Momo, but backwards....still!! We are just so excited for her! She just seems so eager to learn! She does write stuff backwards a lot, but we are told that is normal for her age. Still! Pretty Cool!

The twins, M & F, are both rolling over now. F is -way- better at rolling from his front to his back than M is, but every now and then, they both end up stuck on their tummies, WAILING for someone to come and save them from the blanket or carpet or what ever toy is under them. But they are getting better and better.

M just loves her toes, and with all this Texas heat, we have taken to letting them go sock-less...they both find this to be rather enjoyable. :)

They are both eating cereal 2-3 times a day. M is very vocal with her eating...she likes to make yummy noises and hums and coos while eating. F is still trying to figure the whole spoon thing out, but is starting to get the hang of it with each passing meal. They will be starting green veggies very soon! Green Beans! Yay! Come on some support here.....YAY!!! Thank you.

Also they are really starting to recognize each other. It is like they see each other and after a few seconds, they get very excited, like they are thinking "Holy Cow! Short People!" HA! I laugh my butt off when this occurs. There is a lot of very excited leg and arm gestures and wide eyes and smiles and laughing and cooing between them. We keep trying to get it on video, but have not succeeded yet. They get distracted by the camera and turn their attention to it instead of each other.

As for me, No More Coumadin! I am officially eating spinach and drinkin' beer people!!! Very happy to be doing so! My very last test will be in Aug and will be a blood draw to make sure that everything is still ok, sans coumadin. So happy that is all over! Whew!

The twins had their 6 Month Blue Chair pictures taken this month. Those are below for all to see!

And on a strange note, a Cicada Killer Wasp decided she wanted to inspect what I was doing one afternoon. And Yes, upon hearing the sound of what I can only describe as a helicopter buzzing around my head, I ran screaming like the little girl I am.

I was cleaning out our game room to prep it for the complete overhaul we are having done, and the door was open to make all the trips to the trash cans easier. She came in, snooping around. I ran out screaming, and slammed the door. Got the hubby. He saw nothing. The next morning, he found her in his office (next door to the game room) on the ceiling. A quick smack with a fly swatter knocked her 'loopy' long enough for us to put her in a mason jar. He then went and looked her up on the internet and found out she was a Cicada Killer.

We had friends coming over for swimming and lunch, so we saved her to show them. Their son is collecting bugs, so he suggested we put the jar in the freezer to kill her with out having to open the jar again. Done! But check out that stinger!!! Dude! I'm so glad I got the hell outta there :) The picture is of her in a mason jar lid.

I do feel bad for the cicada's ... but that is the circle of life, I suppose.
Everything in Moderation. Bugs, Beer and Spinach :)

Love to you all,