Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Monster Came Back....

So, remember the post about the scary monster in E's butt??? Yea, that was funny...well joke's on me.

That monster left her and came over to visit me......rat bastard!

About two weeks ago, I started to not feel well on a Thursday night. It became evident immediately that I had some kind of stomach bug. I was really hoping for a 24 hour bug...but I was not that Friday night, I was beginning to think this could be a serious thing. On Saturday morning, I called the doctor's office, and the on call nurse called me in a prescription. She said if I was not any better by Sunday, I would have to go to the ER.

Needless to say, I was not better by Sunday. Funny thing about Sunday....the hubby was supposed to leave to go out of town for 2 days to NY for business. I woke him up around 7am to tell him he could not leave....and that I thought I was dying (drama much?)

We called back to the doctor's office, and they returned my call with the "go directly to the ER" response we were expecting. So we gathered up E and headed to Baylor. I guess we got checked in around 9:30am or so....they immediately hooked me up to an IV to try to put some fluid back into me.

They came in and drew blood, and then changed out my IV to one with 'sugar' in it...per my OB's orders....and everyone reassured us the babies were just fine....evidently I'm a great they are happily growing, and I'm in hell...that seems fair.

We were in the ER a LONG time....long enough that, thankfully, some of our friends came down to Baylor and picked up E to go and play at their house. Around 4pm, we were moved upstairs to an official room, and told we would be staying there over night, and until my levels 'looked better.'

So up we this point they moved my IV from my right arm to my left (thank God! 'Cuz I'm right handed, and that was an issue). They came in twice and drew blood....again.....I went thru about 7 IV bags in the first 20 hours of being there....pretty miserable....

Sunday night the hubby went home so both he and E could sleep in their own beds....E had school on Monday, and he would not have gotten any sleep staying in the room with me....with all of the 'vital check interruptions' and me going to the bathroom all night (remember....SEVEN bags of IV.....gotta go somewhere).

Needless to say, it was not a very restful night....but the hydration worked....The hubby dropped off E at school Monday morning and then came back down to Baylor to stay with me.....another set of friends picked up E from school and brought her over to their house to play and eat dinner....we have really great friends!

Nurses came in again to draw blood Monday and by 6pm, my doctor came by to say that my levels were good enough to be allowed to go home.....but that I had a virus, therefore, no antibiotics...and that it had to run it's leaving, but still pretty sick....

Today is Saturday, and today is the first day that I have felt just 'pregnant sick' not 'virus sick.' So 10 days of ICK!

And all along, the babies are just fine.....totally weird.....I was told that while you are pregnant your immune system is suppressed quite a bit, so pregnant women tend to acquire more illnesses while pregnant than when unfair!

But it all will work out in the wash, I'm sure.....we go back to the doctor this week for a Baby Check....that will ease my mind.....yes, yes, I know.....I'm neurotic :o)

Love to all,

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Week 11 Twins Update:

So we have made it to week 11 with the twins. We went to the doctor today and had another sonogram.

Despite my intense nausea, both babies are doing great! We were able to see arms, and legs, and even fingers on them. While we were having the sono, at one point, both babies looked like they were sucking their thumbs! {Note to self, start saving for braces now...}

Our doctor is great! We are very happy with the attention she is giving us and these babies, starting with -another- sono next week to start some more detailed measurements.

I will also be seeing an additional doctor, as our doctor put it, 'for another set of eyes.' She will be monitoring not only the babies and their independent progress, but me as well, to make sure we can make it as far along as possible. She said that while twins born as early as 24 weeks are viable, they do have lots of problems. So we want to get closer to 32-36 weeks. She also told us that she will want to see us every week starting at 28 weeks, so that will be a change from when I was pregnant with E. I think I got to 32-34 weeks before I had to go in every week....oh well!

So to help ensure we make it to 2009, there will be no traveling or anything energetic after November 1, 2008. We will be celebrating the holidays in Big D this year!

And speaking of big, boy will I be!! ;oP
I'm already pretty big for just 11 weeks, and I've only gained 4 pounds! I'm going to be obnoxiously huge when we are full term. I might even brave posting a picture at that time...we shall see....we shall see....

We hope to find out the sex of the babies around the end of September, so you guys will just have to stay tuned!

Love to all,

Friday, August 1, 2008

Viruses, Medicines and Monsters...

It has been one long week here at the Deaton Ranch...

I'm in my 9th week of pregnancy with our twins, and they are kicking my butt! Not literally....they are not that big yet.....but figuratively.....I was NEVER this sick with E. I told my older sister, who was green from conception until delivery will all three of her boys, that my kids are channeling her boys! In fact, I'm beginning to think I must be having boys! Which would be okay with us.....but still!

I've been a little sick on top of the 'normal' pregnancy somewhere between the prenatal's (yuck!), the antibiotics, the sinus medicine and the Tylenol, I basically want to throw up from dawn until dusk.

But hey, why stop there???

Starting a week ago, E also got sick. After a rough weekend, we took her in to the doctor on Monday. After checking ears and chest and gagging her with a throat swab, he declared it a dairy and it had to run it's course.....Motrin and Clear liquids for her. We could hardly get her to eat anything, much less drink anything. She was straight-up miserable. I tried all kinds of drinks to entice her....we were worried that she was going to get dehydrated due to all the poopy diapers......I finally got her to drink watered down lemonade...Yes! But all she wanted to do was lie on the couch or the floor and watch tv or sleep. It was very unlike her....well, she is addicted to Noggin, but not like was very sad.

Well the fevers didn't subside, and with next to no food, and only lemonade, the hubby and I brought her back in to the doctor on Wednesday. Again with checking ears and chest, but this time, she also got stabbed in the finger :o(

Blood work came back okay, but they prescribed an antibiotic just in case she had a touch of the 'swimming pool bug' going around here in Dallas.

The hubby and I were just waiting for all the pooping to stop. She went thru 15 diapers in a after another there for a was awful.

Thursday morning she turned a corner and the fevers stopped. She became more active and wanted us to play with her, which was a great sign! Now if only the pooping would stop, cuz I gotta tell ya, by this point, I'm in hell. A nauseous pregnant woman dealing with tons of poopy diapers does not make a happy household.

The hubby stepped up and did a lot of the cooking this week, which was greatly appreciated!

Last night, everything was looking up....E had been playing and eating and drinking during the day, so we are definitely at the end of this episode...

She had been playing in the corner with her baby dolls, and singing to herself...then she stopped, came up to us with a panic look on her face and said "there is a scary monster". We looked at each other and then at her...."where" I asked? She said "there is a scary monster in my butt."

Honey, don't I know it! But hopefully he will die very, very soon!

Love to all,