Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Week 11 Twins Update:

So we have made it to week 11 with the twins. We went to the doctor today and had another sonogram.

Despite my intense nausea, both babies are doing great! We were able to see arms, and legs, and even fingers on them. While we were having the sono, at one point, both babies looked like they were sucking their thumbs! {Note to self, start saving for braces now...}

Our doctor is great! We are very happy with the attention she is giving us and these babies, starting with -another- sono next week to start some more detailed measurements.

I will also be seeing an additional doctor, as our doctor put it, 'for another set of eyes.' She will be monitoring not only the babies and their independent progress, but me as well, to make sure we can make it as far along as possible. She said that while twins born as early as 24 weeks are viable, they do have lots of problems. So we want to get closer to 32-36 weeks. She also told us that she will want to see us every week starting at 28 weeks, so that will be a change from when I was pregnant with E. I think I got to 32-34 weeks before I had to go in every week....oh well!

So to help ensure we make it to 2009, there will be no traveling or anything energetic after November 1, 2008. We will be celebrating the holidays in Big D this year!

And speaking of big, boy will I be!! ;oP
I'm already pretty big for just 11 weeks, and I've only gained 4 pounds! I'm going to be obnoxiously huge when we are full term. I might even brave posting a picture at that time...we shall see....we shall see....

We hope to find out the sex of the babies around the end of September, so you guys will just have to stay tuned!

Love to all,

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