Friday, August 1, 2008

Viruses, Medicines and Monsters...

It has been one long week here at the Deaton Ranch...

I'm in my 9th week of pregnancy with our twins, and they are kicking my butt! Not literally....they are not that big yet.....but figuratively.....I was NEVER this sick with E. I told my older sister, who was green from conception until delivery will all three of her boys, that my kids are channeling her boys! In fact, I'm beginning to think I must be having boys! Which would be okay with us.....but still!

I've been a little sick on top of the 'normal' pregnancy somewhere between the prenatal's (yuck!), the antibiotics, the sinus medicine and the Tylenol, I basically want to throw up from dawn until dusk.

But hey, why stop there???

Starting a week ago, E also got sick. After a rough weekend, we took her in to the doctor on Monday. After checking ears and chest and gagging her with a throat swab, he declared it a dairy and it had to run it's course.....Motrin and Clear liquids for her. We could hardly get her to eat anything, much less drink anything. She was straight-up miserable. I tried all kinds of drinks to entice her....we were worried that she was going to get dehydrated due to all the poopy diapers......I finally got her to drink watered down lemonade...Yes! But all she wanted to do was lie on the couch or the floor and watch tv or sleep. It was very unlike her....well, she is addicted to Noggin, but not like was very sad.

Well the fevers didn't subside, and with next to no food, and only lemonade, the hubby and I brought her back in to the doctor on Wednesday. Again with checking ears and chest, but this time, she also got stabbed in the finger :o(

Blood work came back okay, but they prescribed an antibiotic just in case she had a touch of the 'swimming pool bug' going around here in Dallas.

The hubby and I were just waiting for all the pooping to stop. She went thru 15 diapers in a after another there for a was awful.

Thursday morning she turned a corner and the fevers stopped. She became more active and wanted us to play with her, which was a great sign! Now if only the pooping would stop, cuz I gotta tell ya, by this point, I'm in hell. A nauseous pregnant woman dealing with tons of poopy diapers does not make a happy household.

The hubby stepped up and did a lot of the cooking this week, which was greatly appreciated!

Last night, everything was looking up....E had been playing and eating and drinking during the day, so we are definitely at the end of this episode...

She had been playing in the corner with her baby dolls, and singing to herself...then she stopped, came up to us with a panic look on her face and said "there is a scary monster". We looked at each other and then at her...."where" I asked? She said "there is a scary monster in my butt."

Honey, don't I know it! But hopefully he will die very, very soon!

Love to all,

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LisaS said...

Love it! hopefully y'all will be feel better soon.

and be careful what you wish for. seriously, one boy at a time is plenty. i shudder to think of twins!