Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coumadin Update...

So Monday I had a Doppler Sonogram of both of my legs. They showed NO clots! YAY! Upon hearing this, I was expecting my appointment today with my hematologist to be my -last- appointment....but, alas, no.

Dr. Maisel informed us that I need to stay on the blood thinners for 6 months total. That means until the 4th of July. Well, I guess the American Independence Day may be more meaningful to me this year than in years past! :)

He also told us that he wanted to run the "full battery" of tests they normally run when someone throws a clot. He is being extra careful, and making sure that the clots truly were just a side-effect of the pregnancy and not something else. Fine by us! We would rather not have any additional surprises down the road! So they took EIGHT VIALS OF BLOOD! DANG!!!!

So let us all pause and take a moment to thinks positive happy thoughts and offer up some prayers requesting that all these tests come back with nothing but good news.....please.

In the meantime, we will just keep truckin' along! :)

Love to all,

Monday, May 18, 2009

Twin's First Cereal Event

Remember in the last post, I mentioned that we were given the 'green light' to start the twins on cereal? Well, we started that today.

I must admit, the hubby and I found it hysterical! I'm sure, based on their initial reactions, the kiddos did NOT find it as amusing as we did... hehehehehehe!

I am attaching a video we took of the event. It is 3 minutes long. Enjoy!

Love to all,

Monday, May 11, 2009

4 Month Blue Chair Pictures, the Coston Women Visit, Potty Training E and Mother's Day

So the twins are now 4 months old! Yay!! At their doctor appointment today we found out that M is now 24 1/2 inches long (in the 50th percentile) and 13 lbs 12 oz (in the 50th percentile); F is 24 3/4 inches long (in the 25th percentile) and 13 lbs 8 oz (in the 25th percentile). Isn't it interesting how that all works out! The average height of an American woman is 5'2" and for an American man it is 5'8". So even though he is 'taller', she is farther 'up the chart' than he is! WEIRD.

At any rate, they are GINORMOUS to me!!!! M is getting to be so ROUND....her little cheeks and her little thighs!!! F is getting to be so LONG....he is like a bean pole to me. They are virtually the same weight, but they do not look like they are...it is just spread out differently on each baby....and we love every inch and every pound of them!!! :)

Today we were told we get to start them on Cereal too! So hopefully, this will use a little less formula....right now, they are drinking 6 oz each, 5 times a day....that's 10 bottles.....which means the BIG can of formula lasts about Three Days!!!! Yikes!! Can't wait for the 'you may now begin to feed them food' portion of this event starts! :)

We started Potty Training E about 2 weeks ago. It is going pretty good. The first day we went through 13 pairs of panties but by day 2 that was almost cut in half! She only occasionally wets her pants now, and it is usually during nap time at school, night time if we let her drink too much after 7pm or if she does not want to stop playing to go. We are optimistic she will be 'completely' trained within another week or so. And what a relief that will be! One less Butt To Change!!! HA! Two is enough!

Last week we had an excellent visit with Grandma, MommaJo, Aunt Gail and Aunt Kaye...all the Coston Women came to visit us and hold babies! We had a great time with them, and E really enjoyed her visit. This was her first time to meet Aunt Kaye, and it had been too long since we had seen Grandma or Aunt Gail. Aunt Kaye had lots to share with us on E, M and F's cousins (her daughter's twins) Ike and Sophie....they are 2-3 months older than M & F, but M & F are bigger! We had a good time comparing stories about the sets of twins and like and dislikes....kids are just so different and charming! Or at least, they CAN be! HA!

We also took advantage of them being in town to stage a 'delayed birthday celebration' for E at school. Since the twins were born basically right before her birthday, we only did a low key party at our house....well, all the other kids in her class were celebrating their birthdays at school, and it became a glaring absence in her mind....evidently, they do a 'little presentation' for the birthday recipient....yeah, that was working against us :)

So we brought muffins and strawberries to school for the morning snack in honor of E turning 3, and bought a cake for our celebration at home that night. She has two friends that she really loves: Uriah (which she calls "My-riah", as opposed to "Your-riah") and Sarah. Ms. Loren told us that she and Uriah are inseparable during playtime and if left unattended will begin to wrestle! HA! But we are not surprised....her best buddy outside of school friends has always be Elliott!!!

For Mother's Day, E's school put on a little program for all the Mother's. Her class did a group song in sign language; it was "Wind beneath my wings." It was too much for her too early in the morning....she was so excited and was waving to us and very happy, but about 2 minutes into the song I noticed she was no longer doing the signing, and was rather glassy eyed....and yup, you guessed it, she zoned out and fell over / fell asleep while standing up....PLOP! Fell right over! And she was in the middle on the front row, baby!!! YEAH! THAT'S my Kid!!! The sad thing is that the hubby had -just- stopped filming and then she fell over.....classic! Oh well, it was still funny to everyone there....and chances are *somebody* got it on film! ;o) I'll start combing thru youtube.com starting tomorrow....

That was Saturday....on Sunday we went over to Aunt Lisa and Uncle Alan's place for lunch....he always puts on such a spread! It was -way- more than we could eat, and it was all so yummy! E had huge fun playing with her cousins! We are going to try to have them over -this- Saturday for a shrimp-crab-and-crawfish boil, barring any bad weather....Alan is from Bay St. Louis, and he eats crawfish, but no one else in the family does....so the hubby and I are trying to decide how much to get for just the three of us.....do you think 30 pounds will be enough??? :oP

We are excited about the Deaton Memorial Weekend Camping Trip to Lake Ouachita Arkansas. We will be 'camping lite'.....staying at Grandma's in Hot Springs Village in the evenings, and then driving into the campground during the day. Still, it should be fun! Just a little too soon to go full fledged camping with the twins....but next year should be good!

The twins are staying awake more and more during the day, and are consistently sleeping thru the night. F is our 'smiley boy.' He has been smiling and cooing for a few weeks now. M has finally caught on this past week and is equally cute and smiley. I have tried to capture some of their smiles and 'conversations' on the videos attached.

E just loves them to death! She is very concerned whenever they cry or are upset. And she loves to have her picture taken with them! Right now, they still do not intentionally grab things, so we are still in the 'honeymoon phase' of this sibling relationship.....and we are lovin' it......but this too shall pass {sigh}

But for now, just enjoy the pictures!

The hubby took the kiddo's to a British Car Show down by White Rock Lake a few weekends back....I had to work at the Antique Mall that Sunday, so he just loaded everyone up and headed out. E had such a good time....she declared that she liked all the RED ones....she still talks about 'all the cars in the park'....I think the addiction to British Sports Cars has begun :) Like Father, Like Daughter!

We also have the 4 month 'Blue Chair' pictures of the twins.....and I don't know if I sent out the 3 month ones or not....someone should let me know if I need to post those or send them out....

Also, my dad, "Pa" is headed to Africa for about a month to do some Missionary Work....please keep him in your prayers!

We are baptizing the Twins on June 6th.....so if you want to come, let us know! Pa will just be returning from Africa this weekend, so we are really excited that he will be able to make it! Our wonderful friends the Korson's and the Selligman's have agreed to be their God Parents. We are so Blessed!!

Love to all!