Friday, March 27, 2009

How was your day sweetie?

So Craig checks the mail every day. He likes to do this. I find it utterly depressing, as bills are in there. If he checks after E is home from school, she goes with him.

Yesterday while walking to the mailbox, the conversation went as follows:

Hubby: "How was your day, sweetie?"
E: "It was okay. How are your babies?"
Hubby: "They are fine. Thanks."
E: "Your welcome."

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break 2009 and other stuff...

Well it has been a while since our last post, so I finally carved out a little time to put up another. And let me tell, carving out ANY time with a set of 2 month newborns is not exactly easy! :o)

So E was on Spring Break for a week...and the same week the Hubby went back to working full time. Needless to say, with the twins not sleeping thru the night yet, we needed backup for that week. MommaJo to the Rescue!!!

She showed up and entertained E during the first part of the day while I slept from being up during the night. We even managed to sponsor a Spring Break Craft Day at our house for some of our friends who were also on Spring Break. We painted and applied foam stickers to pots and glasses and door hangers. When the paint dried, we planted seeds in our pots of either flowers or spices. E's pots are just now starting to show buds, so it seems to have been a successful "planting" least in our pots!!!

We did not do a big Birthday for E this year, just low-key-family-only-celebration. Cupcakes and a few small things, mostly Movies that she did not have - yes, all princess based {sigh}.

MommaJo came loaded for bear with Princess Dresses and accessories to match, including Crowns, Heels, Earrings and Rings. She also brought a new book that E insisted she read to her almost everyday! True sign of a successful gift :o) The hubby said that after a week of reading it, she had it memorized! Smart kiddo! Chuck sent her a tricycle with two wheels in the FRONT and one wheel in the back...pretty cool. And the hubby found a few of his scooters in the Shop, and they have been riding those around the driveway too!

E is starting to speak more and more clearly. Full sentences and broad topics. Even her whining is mostly audible, unfortunately. We have had to start employing new methods of deterring her from things and actions that will get her into trouble. One of the best things we have started is "If you need to cry, you need to go to your room. When you are done, you can come out." This works 90% of the time, and it is used when she is 'fake crying' for either attention or resisting something we have told her to do/not do. If she is truly hurt, we of course, do not do this (duh). At any rate, seems to dry her up pretty quickly. Credit to the Hubby for thinking of this one.

We also still employ the Time Out. She has to take her time outs in the hallway behind the fireplace on the tile floor, where there is NOTHING to entertain her or really, even give her anything else to look at....thus forcing her to 'think' about what landed her on the cold tile. One day after taking a turn in time out, a few hours later she put her "MommaJo Kitty" in time out. It was funny! See the picture below!

M & F are growing. At their 2 month check up, M weighed 10 pounds and is 22" long; F weighed 9 pounds 11 oz and is 21 3/4" long. So M has almost doubled her birth weight, and F -has- doubled his! Today was E's 3 year wellness check up, and she is 29 1/2 pounds and 37 1/2" tall!! It will not be long before we are eye to eye.....which is NOT saying much! HA! But hey, I'll still out weigh her! :oP


As for M & F, they are not sleeping thru the night consistently yet. But I am hopeful that is around the corner....somewhere....close....I hope. Also, I'm posting their 2 month Blue Chair Pictures.

They are still eating every 4 hours during the day, mostly eating 5 oz each....sometimes a little more, like 6-7 oz.....I'm contributing that to growth spurts. They are starting to track objects a little bit. They are also starting to make longer and longer eye contact. Which is kinda cool. They both smile when they sleep but not when they are awake yet. And of course, they make funny faces in their sleep and occasionally when they are awake. Their hair and eyelashes are really starting to come in now, and we are noticing the same "reddish tint" to their hair that E showed at the same age...that and the Really Long Lashes - thank you Papa!

E still thinks they are pretty cool. She comes to get us when either of them cry, declaring "Mama! Papa! My baby! She's crying!!" Yes, she has not quite got the pronoun thing down yet, so it is always "she" is crying. :o) She also likes to share her favorite toys with them. I attribute this to her total love and devotion to her brother and sister....or it could be that they don't GRAB the toys and keep when she comes up to me and whispers "I want them back now" it is not a big deal to retrieve them :o)

Th hubby got to spend some time in his shop while on vacation, and got his 1967 Datsun running again....long story short, it turned out to be a spark plug issue. In the process though, he got new seats for it, and E claimed the box with all the packing peanuts to be her new favorite place to climb into and play!

As for me, I've been given the all clear by my OB, with my next follow up in 3 months. I'm still taking the Lovenox Shots twice a day, due to my Coumadin levels still being too low. It is taking a little bit longer this time to get it up to the necessary therapeutic levels, which sucks. I hate the shots. I think the hubby does too, as he is the one giving them to me. We are scheduled for another doplar of both legs in two months. My Hematologist believes at that time the clots will be completely gone. He also told me that given the reasons for my clotting (pregnancy, involving not moving), that he does not think I will have any clotting problems going forward.... YAY!!!!

So we are just trying to get back to some kind of a normal routine mostly. We are starting to take the twins out when we make little trips or errands. They like being in the car, so that makes it easier.

They have been on straight formula for about 12 days now, and have had some pretty substantial gas issues. I'm gonna give it another couple of days to see if it subsides any. If not, I will have to look into different formula. Luckily for me, I have Isabel doing all that I'm doing, but sooner! So she has given me some tips on that topic. Thanks Isabel!

That's all for now.
Love to everyone,