Friday, February 22, 2008

Ladies & Gentlemen, She's TWO!

Well, a good time was had by all!

A few of the pictures from the 'big day' are included in this post. I'm working on a link to a repository for the rest.

We celebrated E's 2nd birthday on Feb. 19, so all the available grandparents could attend that wanted to do so. Her actual birthday is Feb. 21st.

We had 'Memaw & Paw' (my folks) and 'Momma Jo and Grandma' (the hubby's mom and grandma) come in for the big event.

Paw showed E how to climb into one of our trees and look at the barky dog in the neighbor's yard. She in turn, showed him her 'play ground', trying to convince him that, yes, he could fit in the tube to go to the next section! HA!

We had pizza and cupcakes and about a dozen kiddos over. She had big fun. She was the youngest one there, and the majority of the kiddos were boys, but she enjoyed herself all the same. You get more than one 6-7 year old boy in a room, and there is -going- to be WRESTLING! And there was! She just watched as all the older kids ran around the house and wrestled and in general were fabulous, crazy kids! It was great!

Momma Jo gave her 3 pairs of 'croc' shoes: baby blue, maroon, and teal. She immediately grabbed the TEAL ones and put them on! It was a fight getting them off for bed later on that night! :o)

She also received dolls, crayons and coloring books, a little people scooter set, new books to read, clothes, a tabletop easel with a chalkboard on one side and dry erase on the other, an aqua doodle set, a new doll stroller, a kid size backpack, gardening set, a singing jewelry box and an Easter Hat and Easter Dress. Whoa! What a haul! We have such good friends!

For our part, the hubby and I got her a New Pool Fence. Yay! I know, I know. "It's about time!" But hey, money doesn't grow on trees...or at least none of OUR trees. :o)

It was a quick visit, and everyone left out on Wednesday. After we had the house empty of visitors, E and the hubby watched some "YOUTUBE" videos....E really likes the ones that sing the ABCs, or the laughing baby ones, and anything with animals. There are some really cute ones of Otters.

Then later on Wednesday afternoon, her boyfriend (EK ) came over for a play-date. He had been unable to attend the party the day before. So they played and had leftover pizza and cupcakes for lunch. Yum!

Well, I guess that is it for now. Much love to you all!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Music Please!!

E is starting to talk more clearly with each passing day. She came into the kitchen this morning while I was doing the dishes and said "I want a bowl." I turned around and said "What? A what?" About that time the hubby walked up and asked her the same questions. She was resolutely standing and pointing at the cabinet where her bowls are located. We just looked at her and said "A bowl?" She took two steps forward, never taking her little finger down from its pointing position and said "okay!" We looked at each other and smiled, and gave her a bowl. She smiled really big and then said "I want some crackers!" Meaning she wanted crackers for her bowl. She is such a big girl now!

She is a fool for music...ANY kind of music. She really digs swing-style beats, any kind of music you can dance to. She dances to commercials if they have a good beat! Case in point: we just went to lunch at a restaurant that was playing music over the intercom system. I looked over at E and she was 'boogieing in her booster chair', laughing and really enjoying herself. It is really cute to watch. I'm thinking we will be looking into some dance classes for her in the future.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Birthday Time is Coming!

Well, we are getting ready down here for E's 2nd birthday party. I can't believe it has been 2 years already! Man, that was fast!

And yet, somehow, slow all at the same time.....

At any rate, we have grandma's and great grandma's coming into town for said occasion. We are going to have it early evening to allow for the maximum travel time.

I will probably make a cake again. I did that for her first birthday, and it was kinda fun. I had not made a cake in several years, so it was kinda funny and awkward, but I muddled through. Funny thing about that cake: I forgot to put frosting -between- the layers. No one noticed, but I totally forgot to do it! Doi!!

Hopefully this years will be 'frosting friendly' for everyone.

Other than this, we are just going forward with everyday stuff. The hubby is working hard (as usual) and E and I are just hanging out. I did volunteer to temporarily take over as the weekend assistant manager at the Antique Mall. The previous manager has been out for a while, injured. And it looks like she will need surgery, so until everything is 'back to normal' I'm filling in on the weekends. It's not so bad. I get to see what is selling (or what is not - doi!) and who is buying and what they are asking for/about. And it is something I get to do that does not involve E. A little grown-up time, if you will. Adult conversations and all.

We have enrolled E in gymnastics (of a sort), and she REALLY LOVES IT! She is now jumping where both feet leave the ground! Whew-who!!! She also loves the trampoline and the foam block pit. Huge fun!

It has been cold here....well, cold to me. I can't wait for the warmer weather to get here and hang around longer than 1-2 days. But Spring is just around the corner, so it will be okay.

The hubby and I have also signed up at the Community Center here in town, and have been going there 2-4 times a week. He does the weight machines and I walk the inside track. E is downstairs in the play center, so it is really convenient. I'm trying to increase my endurance. Once that happens, I will probably add on some weight lifting as well. Sometimes CK (one of my mommy friends) goes with me....makes the walk go a whole lot faster. See, I abhor exercise. I do not think it is fun or appealing or addictive or anything along those lines. I can see it as a means to an end, and nothing more. I have to -make- myself go. I guess, the bottom line, I don't find it fun.....and life should be as fun as possible. But that is just my opinion. :o)

E can count to 10 and so now we are increasing the numbers to 20. She gets about half of them right, which is really good. We are working on colors, and to my surprise, she has learned some shapes....I had not been working with her on shapes. She picked it up from "Noggin", one of the 'Preschool' TV channels on cable/satellite/fiber/whatever. Pretty cool! But not too surprising, looking at her papa! ;o)

I can't think of anything else that is worth writing about at this time. Sorry, but I guess 'That's All Folks!!"

We love ya!