Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Music Please!!

E is starting to talk more clearly with each passing day. She came into the kitchen this morning while I was doing the dishes and said "I want a bowl." I turned around and said "What? A what?" About that time the hubby walked up and asked her the same questions. She was resolutely standing and pointing at the cabinet where her bowls are located. We just looked at her and said "A bowl?" She took two steps forward, never taking her little finger down from its pointing position and said "okay!" We looked at each other and smiled, and gave her a bowl. She smiled really big and then said "I want some crackers!" Meaning she wanted crackers for her bowl. She is such a big girl now!

She is a fool for music...ANY kind of music. She really digs swing-style beats, any kind of music you can dance to. She dances to commercials if they have a good beat! Case in point: we just went to lunch at a restaurant that was playing music over the intercom system. I looked over at E and she was 'boogieing in her booster chair', laughing and really enjoying herself. It is really cute to watch. I'm thinking we will be looking into some dance classes for her in the future.

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