Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter, the Godmother, Smiling Babies and Getting Punched...

First of all, the hubby has told me that my posts have become way to 'wordy' Wordy???? NO!!! hehehehe....

So I'm going to try to work on making more frequent posts that are smaller in nature....but not this one!

Let's start with Easter! Easter was fun here in Texas. Since I have the largest yard of all my friends, we decided to have the Easter Egg Hunt here. We planned this a couple of weeks in advance. There would be 4 families including ours, all with small kids in similar age groups. The 4 moms all met at a local restaurant (Spring Creek BBQ - yum!) one evening to 'stuff' eggs with various candies and small toys. I think there was around 10-12 dozen eggs total....yeah, I got a little carried away with the egg count :) There were 10 kids total.

But we all know how the best laid plans sometimes work out, right? Yup! You guessed it! RAIN!!! Oh well. I was bummed out initially, but the other moms all were like "No big deal. Just hide them inside. That's what we always did." Inside??? I've never had an egg hunt inside. But my mom friends are from Wisconsin, South Florida, and Alaska.....they almost ALWAYS had to hide their eggs indoors due to Rain or Snow on Easter. HA!

So the family got up EARLY to hit the 8:45am Easter Mass, which we managed to do successfully. Yay Us!!! Then we came home to straighten up the front few rooms for the egg hunt. We also invested in a Bounce House for the family. It is big enough for several kids, and small enough to still fit in the Family Room in the house! (We have friends that bought one for their family, and it comes in -really- handy for wearing kids out at night or when the weather is yucky or during winter when it is too cold or wet to go outside.) So we decided to put up the bounce house after the Egg Hunt, and had to make sure we had enough stuff cleared out of the family room so it would fit.

All in all it was a great afternoon! The Easter Bunny brought E two new swimsuits and some books and some miscellaneous toys. No candy, but she found her share during the hunt. The twins also each received a stuffed bunny. Fun for all!

The kids made quick work of finding all the eggs and then proceeded to sit down and devour as much of the candy as they could in the shortest amount of time! HA! So the bounce house went up they could wear off some of that sugar before they all went home! Hysterical!

Also, E's Godmother Kim and her son Logan came in for a visit for Logan's spring break. I got to play tour director while they were in town. While E was at school, Kim, Logan, the twins and I went to the J.F.K Museum, the Dallas Zoo, the Dallas Arboretum, the Dallas Aquarium and the exotic animal rescue park, In Sync Exotics. Basically, we wore everyone out! But we had pretty big fun! We did take a day in there to just be lazy and sit around and watch movies. They were supposed to fly back home on Saturday, but their plane had mechanical difficulties (yikes) and they ended up delayed until Logan got to miss school that day (aw, poor baby - HA!). They went home tired but with good memories....glad to be back home. I told them to come back when we reach 'swimming weather'.....Logan -really- wanted to go swimming, but with the pool registering 68-71 degrees, that is a bit chilly for us....he did get in a few times, but quickly got back out! Maybe the airlines will be having a 'fare war' around August and everyone can come back down?? That would be awesome!

The twins are getting bigger....I'm thinking they are around 12 pounds each by now. They are starting to stay awake a little more after each feeding. F will smile at you and start to talk and coo....he is definitely my 'smiley boy', as I call him....he has been doing this for about a week now. M has just now started to sort of smirk and she is not far behind. I keep trying to get a picture of them doing it, but alas, I have not succeeded so far....stay tuned.

So most of you are aware that the hubby is an ACTIVE SLEEPWALKER/TALKER/RUNNER, right? Well if not, now you are. He is very active. He has extremely vivid dreams and they 'break on thru' and he acts on them. Usually, it is the time he dreamed the dog was a bomb....he jumped out of bed, picked up the sleeping 60 pound dog and threw her out the window - through the screen - dog didn't wake up until she hit the ground! Thank God it was a one-story house! Ah, poor Lucy....she was like "Dude! What did I do to deserve THAT???"

He has woken me up having arguments with people at work, saying things like "Well, NO, we can't make the application do that process in the short amount of time you are giving me!"

My favorites are when he jumps out of bed and starts running to 'do' something. If I'm quick enough, I can catch him -before- he gets completely out of the bed....but sometimes, all I catch are the covers as he is flinging them off....his old roommates can just go on and on with stories of him sleepwalking around the house.

So one night last week, he had gone to bed early, as is our routine - he has the first feeding at 5:30am, so I take the last feeding at 9:30pm, and he goes to bed between 8-9pm.

I fed the twins, watched a little TV, read some emails and then brought the kiddos into our room to go to bed myself. I had brushed my teeth and was climbing into bed when, Pow! He rolled over and punched me in the chest! At first I was startled. We both just froze for half a second .... and then I said "OW!!! Hey! Why did you punch me???!!!" He said "OH MY GOD!!! I'm SO Sorry!!! Are you okay??" I was totally okay, but man I was mad! It was not exactly what I was expecting upon climbing into bed. But we had joked about something like this happening....his dreams are so vivid, he always feared he would do something to me, thinking I was part of his dream. I always joked that if he did anything to me, I would do something back.....that totally sounds like me, right? The conversation would go like this:

ME: "Hey man, if you hit me, don't be shocked when I hit you back!"
Hubby: "But me hitting you won't be on purpose."
ME: "Okay, but when I hit you back, it WILL be on purpose."

He never liked that for a split second, I considered picking up my Louisville Slugger which is close to the bed.....but I didn't :)

The next night when I was going to bed, I went in and turned on my bedside lamp. Then when I was actually crawling into bed and he rolled over. I stopped and when he looked at me, I made a funny menacing face and pointed at him and then made a fist, like 'go ahead.....make my day......or rather, night' :) We both busted out laughing. He apologized for two days. He told me he was dreaming that I was falling and he was reaching out to grab me....his reach made it to me sooner than he thought, thus the punch. I sure would hate to have to beat down my hubby! HA!

Like that is possible! Look, I'm a mean, scrappy coonass and all, but still! My man's nothing to sneeze at! :)

Love him to death...wouldn't trade him for anything! :)

Love to all,