Monday, July 21, 2008

And the Number is in....

Well...where to start, heh?

As a lot of you know, the hubby and I have been trying for almost a year for another child. We finally hit pay-dirt in June. After I took FOUR pregnancy tests (you know, just to be SURE), we went in to the doctor's office to confirm our pregnancy. They smiled and stabbed me in the arm and said, "We'll call you in a week with the blood test results." So technically, that was pregnancy test number 5.

In the meantime, I'm turning green on a regular basis, and am totally exhausted...all the typical trappings of a first trimester pregnant woman. They call to confirm (again) that we are in fact pregnant. Yay! We do the happy dance, and schedule an appointment for last week.

Last week we show up and do all the paperwork for the beginning of the pregnancy...what medicine's you can take, what you can not take.....they tell me I'm considered High Risk, so I will be seeing a specialist at least once during the pregnancy.....and just to make -sure- they do ANOTHER PREGNANCY TEST.....for those of you playing the home version, that makes test Number Six!

One of my friends laughingly told me I will get one kid for every pregnancy test......that is so Not Funny....really.

We also scheduled the sonogram for today.

So today was Sonogram Day One of this pregnancy. Being that I am 38, to be 39 when I give birth, sonogram's this early are 'normal.' And unlike with E, we will be having more than just one or two of them this go round.

Well, needless to say, I've been super nervous about all of this. We were showing a high risk of Twins the month we conceived, with a possibility of Quads (due to the fertility drugs we have been taking). Now if that doesn't just freak you out, you must be in a coma!

So I had kinda convinced myself that I was just having is a nice number, and it worked out so well with E. I would be perfectly happy with a Singleton. And even two would be okay.......three would be a little much......and four would cause me to drink....A Lot!

The hubby, sensing my tension, decided to tease me about having in the quads all became twins.....he has a sick sense of humor.....I just love him for it! :o)

So we go back to the sono room, and are talking with the technician and she is just beginning to say something, when she starts laughing.....she had seen our file and knew the chances for multiples, but didn't think it had taken since we cut out a few of the fertility options in June (due to the risk of multiples that month)......she was laughing because she had started to say out loud, 'I don't think you will be having multiples' but had to stop......because it was IMMEDIATELY obvious to her that we are, in fact, having TWINS!

So if you placed your money on Twins, you are a lucky winner!!!

The babies will be due February 25, 2009....but that is a 40 week due date, so they will probably come earlier than that date.

We are very happy, but I'm a little numb with this info. It has not sunk in completely yet......we are gonna have to get a bigger vehicle!

As my sister in law (who also had a singleton, followed by twins told me), "You just went from a Party of Three to a Party of Five." It will be a lot different.

The Deaton Ranch is gonna be getting a lot bigger next Spring!

Love to All,


rebl1969 said...

I KNEW it would be twins! Yay! Congratulations!
I hope they are both GIRLS :)
Because Craig needs THREE GIRLS ;)

Craig said...

Like I always say: If I like a thing, I probably have one, and if I have one, I probably have three.

I like the one I have, so it only stands to reason...


karen liggett said...

Wow! Congratulations! That's great! Good luck through it all.

PaBlog said...

i was thinking 6...
This is really great news. We'll be praying for you guys.