Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Swimming Lessons....not a fan so far

So this week began our two week class for Swimming Lessons for E. She is Two and likes getting in our pool, so we thought it was time to start with the lessons.

She is NOT a fan.....this whole business of 1-2-3-big breath-dunk, well lets just say, I think she has inhaled more than her body weight in pool water.

Today was day three. She just gets more hysterical with each passing minute. It just breaks my heart. I know that it is totally necessary, and we Have to do this, but I can't help feeling a little is obvious that she is in hell, and thinks she is going to die with each movement in the water.

The hubby went with us on day one, but has had to work since then, so it is just her and I in the pool with the moral support...well that is not exactly of my very best girlfriends, CMK, has her kiddos in the same fact, E's boyfriend (CMK's little boy) is in the class with her....he has already had 1 week of lessons, so he is passed the freaked out screaming phase.....he just grins so big! He is such a cutie! E picked a good one for her first boyfriend :o)

So maybe next week she will be a little more comfortable with the drowning sessions....I mean Swimming Lessons :o\

And no, we don't know how many babies are due yet.....maybe in another few weeks.

Stay Tuned!
Love to all!

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