Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas and Week 32 and 5 days...

We had a very low key Christmas here at the Deaton Ranch. Memaw and Pa came in on Dec 15th, and left on the 28th. They were VERY helpful in getting the last minute 'stuff' completed before the twins arrive.

Being that my brain does not work all the time right now, I had started a list of things I needed to have done when they were here, and it was about 3/4 of a page when they arrived. After they got here and we started marking off things as they were accomplished, other items came to mind and I added them to the list. This increased it to 1 1/2 pages. They were like "I think we are moving backwards, not forwards....stop adding to the list!" HA! :o)

So I stopped.....and we got basically all of it done!!! VERY helpful.

So Christmas Eve marked us making it to 32 Weeks!!!! YAY! We are so happy to have made this very critical date in our pregnancy. I am as big as a house. To prove this point, Memaw took profile pictures of me at every possible opportunity!

Santa came, and brought E lots of dolls with doll accessories like a crib, stroller, swing, clothes, etc. He also brought her a Sandbox complete with an umbrella for outside. She was very excited. I would have to say the "top" gifts for her were the Superman Comforter for her bed (she -LOVES- superman, cuz Papa has superman stuff too); the Dora the Explorer Princess Dress (which she -immediately- put on and wore the rest of the day); the play tool set she got from her best buddy Elliott; a battery operated fish that swims in the hot tub/bath tub from Chuck; and all the doll stuff. There is something to be said about your daughter wearing a pink princess dress, sitting on a superman comforter, hammering :o)

We did manage to get some cool pictures from that morning. Memaw and Pa enjoyed some really nice gifts as well, sent in from all over. All of us kids went in together and got him a really nice dehydrator (per his request). Memaw received some really nice knives and pots; and they both received a really cool Family Tree framed, from Uncle Tim and Aunt Courtney.

The hubby received a really cool black fedora which he put on and wore most of the day. We bought each other a new digital camera for the family.

Pa made a nice pork roast for Christmas lunch, and I had two helping of EVERYTHING, including dessert!!! I scared everyone with the sheer quantity of food I was able to put away that day....mostly myself! :o)

We also enjoyed a visit from the LeGarde's during Christmas week. It was a very nice visit. And talk about it being a small world...within 15 minutes of my folks talking with Aunt Lisa, they discovered that one of Aunt Lisa's roommates in College was the daughter of a family friend of my folks when we lived in Greenville, MS!! We ate good food and had a fun evening laughing and visiting.

Today was another visit with Dr. G. Everything checked out okay; we are still doing well, and Dr. G. would like to see us hit 34 weeks.....she actually said she would like to see us hit 36 weeks, which means 4 more weeks! Ugh! I don't know if I will be able to hit that mark, but I will do my best. As of today I'm measuring 40 weeks (and we are only 32 weeks and 5 days). Baby Girl A is -still- breech and is measuring 5.1 pounds, while Baby Boy B is measuring 4.6 pounds (+/- .5 pounds).

So for some background info, E was born at 41 weeks and weighed 8.1 pounds.....I already have more "baby" inside me than E at term! ACK!!!

So we will be continuing to see Dr. G. every Monday morning for sonograms and checks, and we will keep all of you in the loop as best we can.

Here is hoping everyone has a safe and happy New Year!!

Love to all,

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Rebecca McGraw said...

What a wonderful Christmas! Elise looks like she's having the best time.
Santa brought Sophie a ballerina ensemble. She wore it all day long, too.
Miss y'all. Hope we'll get to visit in person sometime soon.