Friday, June 19, 2009

Coffee with a side of Sweet Big Sister...

So the morning routine in our house for the past few months has been the same:

1. The Hubby gets up b/w 5:30-6:30 am and 'does his thing' [translation: surfs the web and drinks coffee]

2. He feeds the twins at 6:30 am.

3. He then gets E up at 7:00 am if she has not already come out front to greet him. They then watch 'abc videos' [translation: he opens a second browser window (shrinking his own to share the screen with E 50/50); goes to youtube and searches for videos of different things that she likes, such as School House Rock videos, any cartoon that is peppy and sings, etc.; she watches her screen while he continues to do his thing in his screen.]

4. I get up by 7:30 am and help out with either the twins or E until he takes her to school at 8:00am. He returns by 9:00-9:30 and begins working for the day; I take over with the kids for the duration of the work day. {sometimes he pitches in during the day if he can or on his lunch, if I need him to hold a baby}.

Pretty basic stuff, right? So the only change has been with E. Now that the babies are out front with us when she gets up, she starts to interact with whichever one might be awake! Pretty impressive considering they are only 5 months old :)

As with any 3 year old, E has her pile of FAVORITE Toys. These are almost exclusively stuffed animals. They are:

"MommaJo Kitty"
"Squishy/Winky Baby" (the name depends upon her mood)
"Baby Bob"
"Turtle Dude"
"Blue Turtle"
"Purple Monkey"

This pile comes out with her in the morning.......EVERY morning. She then takes "Kitty" to school with her for naptime. ["Kitty" was the original stuffed animal / lovey toy that she HAD to have at nap and bed times....the rest have come on board thru the years]

After the twins came home, she would gently place these "lovey's" around one or both of the twins. Just for a little while. And then tell us "I want them back now". We would smile and tell her "Go ahead. Be gentle. And THANK YOU for sharing so nicely with your brother and sister!"

This morning M was awake and in the pack-n-play cooing at her mobile. E went over and placed "Kitty" in there with her.....and then proceeded to bring her large quantities of M & F toys from the floor.....virtually covering her up! The hubby said it was so sweet to see her ferrying all those toys to M. :)

Once out in the truck to go to school, the following conversation occurred:

E: "Kitty! Kitty! I need my Kitty!"
The Hubby: "Oh my gosh! We almost forgot her! I'll go get her. I know right where she is....she is in with M."
E: "Okay, but she wants another toy. Give her my "MommaJo Kitty".

{sigh} . . . So Sweet!!!! So Precious!!! So Generous!!! I just love our kids!!!!

Love to all,


LisaS said...

this is just about a perfect post. love it! (and the new layout.)

give E a kiss for me ... and enjoy the sweetness. mine were nice to each other ... briefly. miss that.

4theBoys said...

Awww. This morning Ben heard Jack crying on the monitor and said "Baby crying. He want a toy."