Monday, August 3, 2009

SFC Severin W.Summers,III , 2/20 SFG...

Very early this morning, I found out that my oldest cousin, Sev, was killed in action in Afghanistan. The note from my Uncle West was simple and to the point:

SFC Severin W.Summers,III , 2/20 SFG was killed in Afghanistan August 2, 2009. Sev was a warrior who never avoided a challenge. We love him,we are proud of him and we will miss him immensely.
Charlene,Tammy & West Summers

The following was published by the Natchez Democrat:

Natchez man killed in Afghanistan
By Julie Cooper (Contact) | The Natchez Democrat
Published Monday, August 3, 2009
NATCHEZ — Sgt. First Class Severin Summers of Natchez was killed in Afghanistan over the weekend.
Summers’ wife Tammy was notified by a sergeant major and a chaplain from the Army National Guard Sunday night.
Summers, 43 or 44, was killed by an improvised explosive device, family friend Phyllis Beach said.
Tammy Summers is currently in route to Dover, Del., where her husband’s body will be sent. No arrangements have been made, and it may be several days before the military releases Summers’ body, Beach said.

Summers was deployed July 2 for Afghanistan, a repeat trip for the special forces solider and ranger who has been in the military nearly 20 years.
Recently, he was stationed in Bagram, Afghanistan, but had recently left for Marzak, Afghanistan.
Tammy had received an e-mail from her husband Saturday.
The couple was married Jan. 17.
“They were that perfect couple,” Beach said. “She met him right before he was deployed three years ago. They were soul mates.”
Summers also has a 13-year-old daughter, Shelby, who lives in Baton Rouge.
He is survived by his parents West and Charlene Summers of New Roads, La., three brothers and one sister.
One brother is currently serving in a different part of Afghanistan and another brother is in Iraq.
Summers split his time in the states between his house in Natchez and his job as the Mississippi Special Forces recruiter in Bentonia.

This says so much, yet not nearly enough. My family is in such pain right now. I can't stay focused on things that need to be done today, because they just seem pointless at this moment.

In my family, I have 15 first cousins on my dad's side (my mom is an only child). Sev was the very first one of us, and has always been larger than life!

He was so funny!!! The last time I was able to see him in person was during the 2008 Easter trip we made to Louisiana to see my Grandmother and extended family. I had spoken with him on the phone a few times, and we had exchanged the occasional emails. We had talked about arranging a visit to MS to check out his new place and land. Best laid plans, right?

I find myself flipping through my pictures from the 2008 trip, and am posting a few of these for you guys to see.

I was not able to go to Sev and Tammy's wedding in January...had just had the twins. Here is a Wedding Picture:

He had sent me pictures from his previous tour in Afghanistan from 2006. He was a self proclaimed Bad Ass, and we all agreed! But he kept his sense of humor. In one of the pictures, he is imitating a Mountain Goat!! :) In his own words:

It was the end of a fun day zeroing our sniper rifles in strong winds and high elevation. I thought there would be no one around and yet three Afghan children and a donkey show up out of know where. And naturally I had to impress them w/ my mt.goat like skills! Even Afghan kids think I'm funny!

He died Serving and Protecting our Country. He loved doing it. He VOLUNTEERED for this tour. His full time job was as a Special Forces recruiter stationed in Mississippi. But he volunteered to do yet another tour, because it was that important to him. I believe he volunteered for some of his other tours as well, if not all of them.

He was a Son, a Brother, a Father, a Soldier, a Husband, an Uncle, a Cousin....really, a force of nature....

And given that we are all God's Children, he was that too.

He was funny and serious; someone that you wanted to be friends with, and never wanted to get cross with.

He will be missed more than I can put into words, at least not words adequate enough to convey.

I loved him, and there will be an empty place in my heart now. But I will try to remember him and smile when I think of him; and laugh to myself when recalling the last joke he told me....I'm sure some of the family will know it....the one about the tattoo on his leg ;|

Sev, I love you!
I'm proud of you!
And I will miss you terribly.

Your Cousin,

UPDATE AS OF 8/5/09: I want to express my family's gratitude for all of the wonderful comments that have been left on this post. At this time, Sev has arrived in Dover, escorted by his brother Sean, who was also deployed to Afghanistan. The arrangements are still pending. When we know something, I will post what I can here. Again, thank you for all of the fond memories and prayers and support. It is just what we all need. God bless you! And Bless our Military!

Love to all,

UPDATE AS OF 8/7/09:

There are 10 of these billboards all around Baton Rouge. They were donated by Lamar Sign Company. Sev would love this. We are very grateful to the Lamar Sign Company.

For those of you on Facebook, the family has started a group named Sev Summers Memorial: Click Here. This group gives people the opportunity to post comments and stories, and also pictures and videos regarding Sev.

For those of you not on Facebook, there is another Memorial site for Sev on Click Here.

We are still waiting on the ARMY to release the we are in the "Hurry Up and Wait!" mode. Again, I will post the date of the memorial as soon as that information has been finalized.

Thanks again for all of your love and support and kind words. They are very much needed and appreciated.

Love to all,

UPDATE AS OF 8/8/09:


The Funeral will be held at Resthaven Funeral Home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He will then be buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.

The family is requesting, in lieu of flowers, to please make a donation to Hunts for Heroes. Mailing address is:
Hunts for Heroes
P.O. Drawer 1663
El Campo, Texas 77437.

We are honored to have the Patriot Guard Riders attending both the funeral and the burial.

Love to all,

UPDATE AS OF 8/10/09:

VISITATION will be from Noon until 3:00pm.
The SERVICE will begin at 3:00pm.

Love to all,


Anonymous said...

Permit me to be the first to say that the only thing larger than this Country’s loss of SFC Summers is its debt to those like him. I grew up with Sev and, though having lost contact with him over the years, I always had a feeling he would apply his free spirit in a manner of higher calling. Back then, I thought the “higher” was the calling of the mountains where he would simply live of the land.

There is no doubt in my mind Sev achieved his goal of doing what he loved for a Country he loved. The photos you posted brought back memories. The most of which was how big a smile he has; his entire face seems to smile. But I knew, when he quit smiling at you, you could have a problem on your hands.

Please accept my regrets and know that all of you are in my thoughts.

Best regards,
John Evers.

Susan said...

Cherise, I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin. Just know that you and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers. He gave his life defending this wonderful country that we live in and all I can say is "THANKS FOR A JOB WELL DONE!" Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, in my limited capacity.

Friends forever,
Susan Ruth

Anonymous said...

Sev was my anomaly friend, the brother I never had, that would protect me in any way. The last time I saw him was after his babie's baptism, he was so happy! In my my greatest sorrow is my greatest joy, to have had the opportunity to know such a one of a kind hero! I love you Sev!

ssgbond said...

My name is SSG Bond, Thomas (Scooter). There are no words to describe what I am feeling in hearing that an great American soldier has passed. I served with SFC Summers in recruiting when he first came to work as a recruiter with now First Sergeant Paridon in natchez. The whole state of Mississippi and everyone who came to know Sev will be in mourning for a very long time. He will never be forgotten or replaced.

With all my prayers and thoughts

Staff Sergeant Bond (SCOOTER)

Keither said...

My name is SFC Keither Dennnis, one of Sev's team mates in recruiting. He will be truely missed, but his legacy will live on by the stories we remember him in. I'm going to miss his practical jokes and his free spirit. You never knew what to expect next with Sev, but he was as true of a friend you could find. I thought of him as a brother. His family is in my thoughts and prayers. Keith

Anonymous said...

Sorry, sorry, sorry. I know some of how you feel. Sev was my recruiter into the Army and the Special Forces. The guy was my personal hero. I made him burn me cds of his trainings in the desert. I also did some training with him. I did not go with the unit this time. But he protected me and kept me straight. Man, I miss him. I cried when I heard the news. I which I can raise him up.... Peace to your family.

Anonymous said...


bivdbo said...

Dianna, Justin, Gregory and myself send their deapest regrets to Sev's family. We loved Sev like one of our own and want y'all to know how much we loved him and cred for him like one of our own. My boys will miss him as much as I do as he played a big part in their life. He was their superhero and mine too. We greatly appreciate his paying the ultimate price for our freedom. He was my best friend!

Anonymous said...

I know this link does not mention Sev, but it's moving.

An old friend... JDE

Anonymous said...

Sorry, here is the link.

Troy Sonnier said...

Soldier, rest! Thy warfare o'er,
Sleep the sleep that knows not breaking, Dream of battled fields no more. Days of danger, nights of waking. -Sir Walter Scott

Lori Misiura Schexnaildre said...

I went to high school with Sev. He was very good friends with a guy I dated. We all hung out on the weekends and listened to Bocephus! He was hilarious and always kept everyone laughing. He wasn't scared of anyone or anything. Rest In Peace, Sev. You will be sadly missed. Your wife, family, and friends are in my prayers!

Lori Misiura Schexnaildre said...

I went to high school with Sev. He was very good friends with a guy I dated. We all hung out on the weekends and listened to Bocephus! He was hilarious and always kept everyone laughing. He wasn't scared of anyone or anything. Rest In Peace, Sev. You will be sadly missed. Your wife, family, and friends are in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Summers family-No words can ever begin to touch what many of us are feeling right now or can find the words to console you.West,Charlene and Tammy-you and yours are a part of another family and we all care very deeply and are committed to helping you through this ordeal in any way possible.Many of us never got to meet Sev but many of us met Pete and Sean and had dealings with Will and know very well the amazing father of these boys-to know them all is to know Sev as well for the man he was.And what an honor for us.
Jil,Dom and the Liberty Jump Team family

Anonymous said...

Deepest sympathies to the Summers family. Sev was the funniest person we ever met. We particularly remember his Spanish Seniorita impersonation. Blue, Bebe', Alpo, and Ragu say Happy Trails to you.

Anonymous said...

I met Sev through Bob about six years ago and took an instant liking to him. I especially loved his various imitations (I believe the Scottish was my favorite). He was a true hero and someone I admired a great deal. I am an Air Force Brat and am proud of the job Sev, as well as, all of our soldiers are doing for our freedom. My prayers are with Tammy and his entire family. We just buried my nephew killed in Afghanistan so I know your pain. Rest in peace sweet Sev. Love, Karen Brohn

Anonymous said...

Prayers are raised for your family, I am sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

I knew Sev when I was in 2/20th. He was a great guy, and I'll mourn his loss. I know it doesn't seem like much, but I'll have a beer for him tonight. I'm going to try to make it to the funeral, if I can find out when that is...

shane_mclendon said...

I met summers at AT several years ago and he was one of the funniest guys I had ever met. I did not have the pleasure of spending much time with him, but when I did see him I was always laughing. He was a true American and a Hero. I thank him and his family for his service to our country and he will be greatly missed. I own a small home repair business, If I can do anything for his family please let me know you can reach me at 601-720-3785.


Carrie Robertson said...

I am an SF Wife and I adored Sev. He served with my husband and he was the first team guy to "initiate" me into the family. I called him my soccer hooligan and well anyone that knows Sev knows why.

Sev was an amazing spirit, full of laughter and excitement. I never knew what to expect from him. He will forever live in my heart as my "hooligan".

I wanted to extend to the entire family my sympathies and let you know that my husband and I will always cherish the memories that we made with Sev and will keep you all in our prayers.

And to Sev, I shall not mourn your death but celebrate your life. You will forever be My Hooligan, My Friend.
Carrie Robertson, wife of SFC Anthony Lee Robertson 2/20th

Lisa Fazio said...

Sev was the most hilaroius person I have ever met. He and a host of friends were regulars on my porch for "Happy Hour" where we shared lots of good wine and food for many years. Sometimes Sev would simply surprise us by jumping off the roof onto the deck with some funny greeting. He also was a guest at my camp at False River on occaision. One morning I woke up and saw Sev sleeping atop a large tree. He was truly a "Soldier" ! Sev was a big part of my grandson, Blaine's life. He took him hunting and spent quality time with him. Blaine called Sev dad. After several years we finally had to tell Blaine he was too old to sit in Sev's lap! The love he showed kids was amazing. And they ALL loved him. Precious Shelby was always on her dad's shoulders. He adored her. Sev touched many peoples lives. His laughter was somthing we all need in our lives. I love you Sev like a brother and cannot tell you how much Blaine and I will miss you. Hope to see you again one day! Thanks for fighting for all of us!

We LOVE you,
Lisa Fazio & Blaine Chapman

Keither said...

I had the privilege of enlisting Sev back into the Guard the second time. And I can distinctly remember him telling me that this time he was going all the way. Image that, all the way. That’s just the type of husband, brother, soldier, father, friend he was…or shall I say, still is. His laugher, humor, intensity will live on. I later was given the opportunity to be his 1SG in recruiting and one of the first thing I did was made him a team leader because of his dynamic leadership qualities. My message to all who knew him is simple. If you ever met him regardless of how brief he touched you is some way. Thank God he touched me in a positive way and will always be a force to be reckoned with. Will miss him and remember him.

Rodney Hall…Privileged!

Anonymous said...

i met Sev through his friend bob anderson. the three of us used to get together at the alligator bayou bar and try to drink our limit. one night, some bad ass thought he might try to scare my little ass but Sev would have none of it!!!! all Sev did was stare at this big dude and shake his head "no" as though the guy waS really making a big mistake. he could tell Sev was not joking and he got the u know what out of dodge!!! Sev was a bad ass. everyone new it! my wife will forever have a crush on him and i dont blame her!!! RIP HERO!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so very sad about the loss of Sev. My son Nick Is depoyed with the 2/20 SF. I met SEV through my son a couple years ago. Since then he and I bow hunted together a few times.Imediatley I knew that we were kindered spirits. I have wept for his loss, not just for his family but for all who knew him. I know that this country is a lesser place with out him. He was one of those guys who was larger than life and cannot be replaced.
After recieving the news from my son and hearing the pain in his voice,I advised him to honor Sev by turning that pain inward and channeling it into strength. Make those reponsible PAY! I know the pain that the unit is going through right now and how they will use it to stay strong.
" If God be with us, who could oppose us....?"
Myrick Winstead

Anonymous said...

I met Sev at the Jefferson Bar in Baton Rouge. He was known as the “Power Ranger”. A larger than life person without a doubt… You just never knew what was going to be next with Sev, but whatever it was a laugh would follow. I recall the time a group of us went skiing in my boat. If you are familiar with the area… Sev skied from the Canal Bank Bridge on the Amite River Diversion Canal to the “Sandbar” on Lake Maurepas (about 20 miles), he never stopped. One time on the Lake he was diving around in the water… I asked him what the hell he was doing… “I’m trying to catch this Garfish”. He caught 2 of those bastards with his bare hands… I will always remember that, just like everybody that ever met Sev will always remember him. Sev you are everybody’s Great American Hero. In every true mans spirit he dreams of being someone like you… few men have the guts to live life like you did. The reward for such a life is a spirit that will live forever.

Rubicon Jon

Michael Bice said...

Sev was one of the most unique individuals I have ever known. When he walked into a room the room immediately came alive, he was filled with an indescribable energy that made you always feel like something big and crazy was about to happen. He was a friend to all and genuinely interested in meeting people and getting to know them. Even as a kid he was a true “Warrior” he was completely fearless in every aspect, he was constantly challenging himself and others. I remember one night back in High School it was about 1:00 in the morning and we were at a party behind the levee and as usual he got bored and said let’s take a walk. We walked down the levee a few hundred yards from the party and we stopped and he looked at me with that famous grin then looked toward the river and I knew right then what we were in for, the Crazy Bastard! wanted to try and swim across the Mississippi River!! I hesitated but he never did, he always made me feel like no matter what we did, he could get us through

Michael Bice said...

so in the river we went, obviously if you know the river you know we did not make it across and luckily we washed up in a curve down river about 2-3 miles from where we jumped in. As we laid there in the mud on the bank of that river we finally caught our breath and he looked at me and we both started laughing and began the long walk back to the party.
There are hundreds of stories that make up the life and Legend of Severin W. Summers III most of which I cannot speak of because the statute of limitations may or may not be expired. Sev took this Warrior spirit and never ending energy with him into the Army and on to the Special Forces Group where he built a very honorable and distinguished 20 year career. Sev always made it through everything and he would have made through this tour as well, no one could have taken him face to face. It took a cowardly “Son a Bitch” with a car bomb to change his, his family and his friends lives forever, but we who knew him will never forget him and as he always has been, he will always continue to be, larger than life.

Michael Bice

Anonymous said...

I don't think that I have ever met another person who loved being a soldier, a Green Beret as much as Sev. He was a true soldier, and professional. I'm a better soldier for having the pleasure of woking with and getting to know him. He was a true inspiration to all who met him, and will continue to be from all the stories that will be told of him.

He will be greatly missed. This country has suffered a great loss. Our thoughts and prayers will be with the family.

SSG Jeremiah Jamison

jimmy c said...

I am extremely proud to have been Sev' friend. I don't have the words to express how his friendship changed my and my son's lives for the better.

God Bless him, his family and his all his brothers in harms way.

Love ya brother,

jimmy c.

Mark said...

Our Sincerest condolences to the family and friens of SFC Summers. Thank You, Sir, for Your Service to Our Country. We Will Never Forget.
American Legion Riders Post #112 of Jackson are standing by to render Honors for SFC Summers.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

At my Universalist church, we remember our servicemen on a weekly basis by reading aloud those who passed away that week. This week was my turn, and I like to get to know a little something about those names I read aloud. So I found this site which discusses SFC Summers life...and I wept openly alone in my office as I read about the man. I wish I'd had the pleasure of knowing him. God bless his soul and his family and all those who feel the pain of his passing.

Anonymous said...

Lord my heart sank when I saw that photo. I was with him and Chris on the 2005-2006 deployment. There are almost nothing but "cool" guys in SF, but Sev stood out as both coolly professional and really laid back plus genuine nice to hang out with. Like a lot of team guys, he had little patience for the bureacracy that the military spews forth. He was made to be a warrior. May his soul rest in repose with all the Saints and Angels.

Anonymous said...

It’s taken me awhile to get to this point, where I can express myself and share my thoughts and feelings about one of the greatest individuals that I’ve ever had the privilege to know and call friend. Never in my life have I known anyone that had such a zest for life as this guy did. Sev – you were always the life of the party. I’ll miss you There is consolation in knowing that you left us doing what you loved so much, being a soldier, with your boots on. You’re a hero and a fearless, true warrior. To the Summers family I offer my sincerest condolences and I share in your loss, as do all that knew Sev. Tammy, I only met you once, but I just want to say that I know Sev loved you very much. He told me so. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you. My heart also goes out to you Shelby. I don’t know what to say, except that your dad was the biggest man I’ve ever known and just know he loved and adored you more than any father could ever love a daughter. You were his whole world. I know you’ll miss him and I know how proud you must be of your father. Sev – you were one of a kind, a kid’s kid, a soldier’s soldier, a friend’s friend. Truly, one of a kind. I’m gonna miss ya Bro. I can’t believe your gone. You’ll always live in my heart as I know you will in the hearts of so many people’s lives you’ve touched. I’ll never forget you. I’m honored to have known you and call you friend. I’ll see you soon, on the other side buddy. Make sure the beers cold when I get there pal. Can’t wait to see you! I miss you and love you Sev. Your friend always and forever, Bob Andersen

Anonymous said...

I posted to the guest book for the funneral home, but don't mind saying the same things here.

I had the GREAT pleasure of knowing SFC Summers. As a recruiter, he conducted a good bit of his work at JFH-MS which is where I work Access Control. Never once have I flagged SFC Summers in, and he not stopped and talked for a bit. He always smiled.

At JFH-MS we have a memorial for all the MS National Guard soldiers who have paid the Ultimate price for OUR freedoms. Once a person remarked that it must be spooky having all those faces looking at you everyday. I replied, "I couldn't think of a better bunch of people to have watching my back." Soon SFC Summers picture will join those in this memorial, and I will be HONORED to have him forever watching over me.

Joshua 1:9- Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

I pray that the Lord will comfort all of you during this time of mourning.

Andrew Thornton

Anonymous said...

Cherise, Thank you so much for making your blog site available. It has been wonderful reading about Sev and being able to appreciate him through others' eyes. One of my rememberances is some of his first words were "I want to be an army man". Would we all be so fortunate to know our passion early in life and live it to the fullest. Thank you again. Aunt Mary

Angelica Mackey said...

When I joined the MS national guard, sfc summers was one of the first people I met. Every month, he was there running our RSP, sharing all his knowledge with us. He was always serious about work, but never so serious that he couldn't make a joke or ten. He always made everyone smile and shared so much. He even helped lead my graduation ("hand off") ceremony. He will never be forgotten. He was an amazing man and an incredible soldier. RIP sfc summers!!! You will not be forgotten.

Pfc Mackey, Angelica

Anonymous said...

Sev was my recruiter for the Guard. The sympathy expressed on this page and the recollections can never do justice to the man they are written for. I have never known anyone in my life with the zest for life, the courage, and the overall persona that he possesed. It is my honor to have known him.
It was also my honor to escort an stand for him with the PGR. The opportunity to get to know his family and experience the strength that they possess was an experience that I will cherish. After we arrived at the funeral home from the airport, all of the brothers were laughing. I asked Will what was so funny and he said that someone made the comment, "This is not the first time Sev has ridden down this highway surrounded by cops!".
Larger than life. Thank you, Sev.

Anonymous said...

I read about your friend this morning while I was reading the Wall Street Journal. The article was about Afghanistan, but contained a large photo of his grieving daughter and wife at his burial in Arlington. Their loss is obvioulsy staggering and there is nothing that mortal man can offer to them to fill his absence. I did not know him but I know too many people like him and when I read the comments, I see too many familiar thoughts. Almost eight years into this conflict and viewing what is taking place there and knowing the history of that land, his sacrifice and the loss endured by his family and friends one begins to question its reason.

Anonymous said...

I met Sev shortly after he moved to Natchez. I immmediately liked him, he was just one of those people who was a joy to be around. He had a gleam in his eyes that you rarely see in people. And I believe that any one who knew him even just a little bit, KNEW he was a "military man". It was obvious that he loved being who he was for our country. I had not seen Sev in probably two years but heard the tragic news one night from some people I knew. I know that no one can say anything to relieve the pain of those who feel such great loss. My sincere condolences go out to all of Sev's loved ones. He was full of life (and himself!) and will be greatly missed.....his life has impacted many....

Anonymous said...

Half a year after his death, he is still in my mind, though I never met him. I was the guy who posted about reading his name as we remembered our American service men who died in the service of their country for the week. This blog was a powerful way to capture his impact on his community and to the country. What a man. Hope his family is well. Hope the memory of SFC Summers lives and grows.

Chris Barto said...

I have just learned of Sev's passing while trying to locate a current phone number on him. I am so saddened by this news. My condolences go out to his entire family. I met Sev while at LSU. He is the most remarkable and memorable person I ever knew. I wish we had been able to reconnect since our time at LSU. I will always cherish my memories of him (at LSU and hunting). I am so proud to have known Sev and will always be indebted to him for his service and sacrifice to us.
Chris Barto- Slidell, La

Michael said...

Another Memorial Day.....I miss you and I am proud to have known you.

Michael Bice

Anonymous said...

Miss you so much,my boy.

Michael said...

There is still hardly a day that goes by when I dont feel sorry for all who knew you. On yet another Memorial day I still thank you for your service Sev, you are still missed beyond measure.

Michael Bice

Dean Levergne said...

I traveled to Normandy France with my 14 year old son and several friends I served with in the US Military. I'm a Helicopter pilot for the Louisiana State police and two other pilots also joined us. I wanted to show my son the sacrifices that veterans have made to secure his freedom. I had visited Normandy 15 years ago and when I stood at the cemetery overlooking Omaha Beach I told my wife that if we had a child I would bring him or her there to see it. We were driving around the area and as we drove through the small village of Angoville-Au-Plain we decided to stop in at the church. It was off the beatin path. The church was an aid station the days after June 6th 1944 and two medics performed heroically saving many lives. As we looked around in the church I saw a picture frame on a small wooden table with SFC Severin W Summers III on it with his photo. We all took the time to pray for not only the veterans of WWII who died there but also for SFC Summers and his family. When we returned to the cottage we were staying at, we googled SFC Summers name and read about his life. To our amazement we saw that he was from Lafayette La. We all have wondered why his photo was in this small church in Normandy. Did his grandfather serve there? Is that why his family left it there? The group of guys was with were all veterans and It was a moving experience for all of us. God bless SFC Summers and his family.
Dean Levergne