Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wreck, Turkey Day, Dizzy non-Blonde, Christmas, Twins Turn One, I turn 40!!!!

So I started typing up this post in January.....I have managed to become distracted (shock, I know!) and so I'm just now finishing up and publishing ... yeah, sometime, I suck.


Whoa! What a FULL few months we have had down here on the Deaton Ranch! :o)

Let's see...where did we leave off?

Okay, I remember...

November arrived, and we were planning on going to Thanksgiving in Louisiana to see my extended family and grandmother. I had been trying to tie up some loose ends, errands, etc. On November 20th, we were scheduled to be at our lawyer's office in Fort Worth to sign our final Wills and Estate Plan. It was raining that morning. The hubby had dropped off Elise at school and moved the twin's car-seat's to the small truck. I don't even remember why we decided to take the small truck, but in the end it was a blessing.

We had just gotten on I30. It was right around 9:00 am. The hubby pointed out that a lot of cars were starting to put on brake lights, and that I should probably slow down. I noted the cars in the right most lanes were breaking, so I took his advice and let off the gas. I also moved to the left most lane. I then started looking for the entrance to the HOV lane. There was a semi truck in the lane right next to me. Then I felt it...The front tires started to slide out from under us. I quickly looked at the semi and thought "no way do I want to slide under that." I let off the gas, and tried to adjust the steering to make contact with the road again, but it just was not meant to be. When I felt the back end go, I cut hard to NOT go the direction of the truck...I had to choose: Semi or Concrete Median. Yeah. I choose the median.

It happened really fast. You hydroplane going 60-65 mph, it's gonna be fast. I saw the wall approaching and just closed my eyes right as we hit. I felt us go over 2 or 3 times. When we were still again, I opened up. We were right side up, facing the median...sort of 'on' the median....the front end...a little bit. The windshield was still intact, but shattered. I turned to look at the hubby, and then turned back to the windshield. Then I started spitting out all the glass that I began to notice was in my mouth. The babies erupted in screaming. The hubby looked at me and said "well, I guess we are getting a new van now."

And then all the pain started. I hurt from the base of my skull all the way down to my tailbone. I tried to reach back to check on the babies, but that just wasn't going to happen. Needless to say, people saw us wreck, and stopped to help and call 911 for us.

In the end, I was carted off in the ambulance to make sure I didn't break anything in my back, which I did not; just pulled a LOT of the muscles back of this post, I am STILL sore. The hubby called one of our friends and they came and picked up him and the twins from the crash site and followed me to the hospital. Everyone was checked out, with just a few bumps and bruises on them. Yay!! Nothing Serious!!

We were all recovered enough to still make our trip to Louisiana for Thanksgiving. That was fun! Aunt Gretchen hosted and everything was just so yummy! We were able to let the kids hang out with their great grandma on my side (Nanny), and they got to play with a lot of their cousins too. It was a good visit.

I had my follow-up visit with my ENT and also had a balance test. Turns out I am a perfectly balanced individual....keep your comments to yourselves, thank you very much. :o) And here I was thinking it was all because I dyed my hair from blonde to brown... to merlot......just trying everything to keep from continuing to be a dizzy blonde. The official word is a few more months of some medication for my Eustachian tubes and I will be rechecked, but hopefully all the dizziness will be gone. The belief is it is a residual side effect from the twins pregnancy. Which, by the way, is totally uncalled for, seeing as they are 13 months old now!!! Sheesh!

We drove to AR to Memaw & Paw's for Christmas. All of my siblings were present and accounted for except for Tim. So Memaw/Paw had 11 of the 13 grandkids in the house! The hubby was thinking ahead....he suggested and I agreed to bring the Bounce House with us. It was a HUGE hit!!! We ended up setting it up in the 2 car garage, and when the kids were getting stir crazy, a few of the parents would just go in there, turn it on, and make sure no one killed themselves. :oP

We got 'rained out' for seeing Grandma, MommaJo, Chuck, Aunt Gail and the boys for Christmas Eve. However, things had dried out by Christmas Day. So we headed down to Hot Springs Village and had a nice visit with MommaJo, Grandma and Chuck.

On January 9th, M & F turned one! I sadly, only remember bits and pieces of their birth. But I sure am glad I have them! They are a true scream to have around.

They can each hold their own bottles, which is GREAT! They are both crawling and pulling up on things and then walking around. M has 6 teeth and F has 4. They each can say 'mama' and will call out if they want some attention.

F seems to be a better parrot at the moment. He can also say "uh oh", "Whoa" and "O's" (asking for cheerios). They generally play very well together and with E. I am starting to see some jealousy start between the babies...I try to give as much equal time as I can to all three....but I think I'm going to lose that battle in the long run.

They are funny when you get them up from a nap or in the morning. I change one and put them on the floor. Then I get the next one, change them, and put them on the floor too. Then I go into the hall and start calling both of them. I refer to it as the 'baby races'! If one gets too far ahead of the other one, he/she will sit and look back and wait for the other to catch up. Then they go again. Yysterical in real life.

And then I turned not fair!


We also had record snow levels for DFW!!! Again, So Not Fair!!

That's enough for now. I'll try to be a little more habitual with my posts going forward....but that is about all I can promise. :)

Love to all,

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