Sunday, April 20, 2008

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program...

Well! This has been a wild couple of weeks here at the Deaton Ranch. For the past two weeks, I have been in a class and studying to take my PMP test (Project Management Professional).

We had lots of help these two weeks with E. The first week Momma Jo came and stayed all week and helped out tremendously! E and her had a big old time. The second week, Memaw came for 4 days, and also was a tremendous help! And Elise and her also had a big old time! Then one of my 'mommy-friends' watched E for me on Thursday, which was great, because E got to play with two of her favorite friends! I took a part-time break on Friday, and only studied while E was napping or other-wise engaged.

Then Saturday, the hubby suggested we go out for a nice big breakfast, which was great. Then we came home and just kinda hung out until 11:30, when I left to go take my test. The test was EXTREMELY hard, and took 3.25 hours, but thank God, I passed!!!!!!

This certification will come in handy while I'm looking to re-join the 'work force.' I'm hoping to find contract work, as opposed to full-time employment. I would like to work at different companies and get exposed to how different companies handle their Project Management work/office. I'm looking forward to that part of going back to work.

But it goes without saying, I'm not looking forward to leaving E with Daycare. But, this is where we are right now, and we will make it through this.

However, while my head was totally buried in a book for the last 2 weeks, the hubby managed to make a swing for E, and she Totally LOVES it!!!

Here is a small video of her glee!
Love to all!

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LisaS said...

I wondered what all the class, test, etc stuff was about. congrats! and yes, grammas are great!