Monday, May 5, 2008

Montessori or Daycare

So we are currently looking into Montessori Schools for E. I'm extremely anxious about this unavoidable event. I've been her primary source of EVERYTHING for a little over 2 years, with the hubby being a close Secondary source. However, she is nearing that time in her life where School will be necessary. The hubby went to a Montessori school as a young student and genuinely loved it. He wants the same for E.

I went to regular public schools, with the exception of one year spent in a private Church-run school. I found the majority of the time spent in public school, I was generally bored and unchallenged. I am hoping to provide a better learning experience for E.

However, the notion of dropping her off all day under the care and attention of someone else is quite frightening. But I'm trying to go back to work, and I would rather a Montessori over a regular Daycare...not thrilled with either, but that is just me being the overly protective 'momma bear.'

We are still trying to sell our old house, and hope to get sometime this week a few offers...we have been told by our Realtor that 2 potentials are in the works. It would be great to get out from under that house!

We are hoping that I can find a job within 2 months, and that income will help pay for the schooling and some much needed Energy Efficiencies on our existing house. So everyone keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for us!

Meanwhile, we have been planting some flowers, vegetables and spices around the property. Just a few beds, not all of them, as there are LOTS...trying to work with a limited 'flower budget' :o) But we have been blessed with good weather and rain for all the new baby plants, so that is optimistic.

We are looking forward to the Deaton Memorial Day Camping Trip in Arkansas. It should be really fun, and we are all looking forward to seeing the extended family again!

I guess that is about it for now.
Love to you all!

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LisaS said...

At her age, with her personality and skills, E is perfect for Montessori, and you've done a wonderful job, so she's ready.

Take the big Gulp! to swallow the fear, find a place that feels right, and jump! I promise, it will turn out okay. I think she'll love it.