Saturday, May 31, 2008

Camping, School and Selling Houses

Have you ever been camping? Well, I had only done so once, that I could remember, and it was NOT a positive experience.

Well, all that changed over Memorial Day weekend. The hubbies family gets together every Memorial Day weekend for a big family camping trip in Arkansas. We slept in tents, and cooked over campfires and Coleman stoves. One of the families brought a boat and let the kids wake-board and water ski. E played in the water and had big fun throwing rocks. The water was chilly, but the weather was perfect!

We all ate good, and had a really good visit. The hubby tried to help one of the kids fly a kite on the peak we were camping on, but the wind would not cooperate. Momma Jo brought E some bubbles, a big ball and sidewalk chalk, all of which were a big hit with all the kids. Grandma did not camp, but came down from the Village a couple of days to visit during the day. She also brought E containers of Strawberries, one of her favorite fruits! Yum, yum! One evening, one of the uncles/cousins cooked steaks for everyone....fantastic! The next night, the hubby cooked up jerk chicken and pineapple-soy chicken, and I supplied smashed sweet potatoes.....they seemed to be a big hit, so we were pleased.

I have recovered from my bad camping experience, and would -definitely- do it again! The hubby is thrilled, and already planning our next outing. And I have gathered up a bunch of 'must bring next time' and a bunch of 'don't bring next time' lists! :o)

E has completed her second week at Montessori school. She still cries when we drop her off, but even that is starting later and later, and ending pretty quick. She is always so happy when we pick her up. The other day, when I was returning from picking her up, I told her that the K family was coming over for dinner, and she would get to play with her friends, the K Kids...she immediately got excited and started say "and Noah, and Mia, and Ms. Connie..." just listing off her teachers and other classmates. I thought, wow, this dinner party just got BIG. :o)

So we are convinced that she really does like school, just hates being dropped off. We are hopeful that tis will not continue for too much longer.

On a different topic, We Sold The Old House!!!!!! We are so relieved! It only took a little over one year to do so, but it is all over now! Yay! Now we are down to just the one house, and we have a pretty aggressive plan to try to pay it off early.

The hubby is considering a job change and I am still looking for a new job myself. Those two fronts keep us pretty busy.

It has reached 90 degrees pretty consistently, so we are definitely in the throws of 'swim season.' I was joking with the hubby, and asked, 'once we get our finances a little more stable, can we hire a pool-boy?' He laughed and said, 'no, let's get a maid instead.' Yeah, that's sound better. :o) But I do wonder, who is going to clean up -before- the maid arrives?? Hhmmm.....

We shall see....we shall see....

Love to All!

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LisaS said...

yay! on all fronts! and perhaps we should meet up & camp, cuz we like to do that too.

(it took a while for the Husband to get into it. his first trip was with me at 18)