Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chopsticks are COOL!!

So tonight (Wednesday) is ASI Gymnastic night. E has a class every Wednesday night, and usually just LOVES it. Not the case tonight. She did not really want to do anything that she was asked to do. She did not want to stay with the group, or in the area that her group was tumbling. But she is two, so this is expected.

She didn't really eat breakfast or lunch today. Again, not so unusual for her. She can be an every-other-day or every-third-day eater. But the hubby and I were hungry after her class so we decided to go to Pei Wei. When the one close to us first opened, we went there once a week for like 2 months. But once E started eating food, there wasn't anything I could order from the menu that she could eat. But we decided to give it another try. She likes rice, so fried rice should be okay.

So it was settled, and off we drove to our destination. When we got to the restaurant, we discovered they had a Kids Menu, but it did not included fried rice. So we just ordered her a 'side' of fried rice. The portion was HUGE!

While the hubby was paying, I grabbed us a table and went to retrieve a high chair for E. When I got back to the table, the hubby was there with 'the chopstick cheaters.' This is a little plastic device you can put on your two chopsticks that hold them together in such a way to make it easier for the less than skillful to eat with chopsticks.....mostly kids......and Memaw :o)

At any rate, he set up E with a pair of chopsticks and tore up the paper casing the chopsticks came in and showed her how to pick up the paper with her sticks. She thought this was the greatest. And she was pretty good at it!!

Then the food arrived. I put the bowl in front of her, and then asked the waiter to bring us a fork. She first started to eat using her hands. Then she saw the hubby and I eating our food with chopsticks. So she picked up her set, and she was off to the races! It was so shocking, and cute! The hubby captured it on his cell phone camera. It is dark, but you can see her digging into the bowl and delivering her rice to her mouth via the chopsticks! And using her left had at that! Once again demonstrating how alike she is to her Papa! He is ambidextrous, and does 'power things' with is right hand and 'detail things' with his left hand.

If you have RealPlayer, you can watch the video. If not, I think it is a free download.

It is a cute video, so you will want to see it!


Linda said...

OK...I have been put in my place! I am jealous:) Memaw

LisaS said...

wow ... i'm impressed. ours suddenly became interested in oriental food (and the utensils) last year ... couldn't get them near it before ...

Lori Ann said...

Too cute! I hope you have some for the house now. :)