Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kite Love

So, lately the weather in Dallas has been warmer and windier. This provides for great 'kite flying' opportunities.

The hubby recently went out and bought 2-3 different kites and has been flying them with E, trying to get her excited about new things and experiences. She -loves- the kites. Although, not originally.

The first kite flying experience ended with the kite getting away from them, a trip down the alley behind the across-the-street-neighbor's house, and then the wind gusting at just the right time for the tails to whip around E and scare her half to death.

But since recovering from this initial episode, she has decided that they are cool. Which, in fact, they are!

This morning was beautiful, so the hubby and E went out and at one point had TWO kites up and flying. He had gotten one up flying so sufficiently, that he tied it off and got the second one up.

At this point, with both kites flying, E looked at him and said:

"I love you Papa."

1 comment:

LisaS said...

kites = love ....

:) so very cute.