Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Weekend 2008

So we headed to E's Great-grandmother's for Easter weekend this year. My Great Uncle was celebrating his 90th birthday and 60th wedding anniversary and the masses were gathering to celebrate, at the request of one of my cousins.

So a lot of us came from far and wide. We came in from Texas. Chantelle's family came in from Mississippi. Tim's family came in from Florida. Marcella's family came in from Kentucky. And Memaw & Paw came in from Arkansas, just from our immediate family.

We also got to see my oldest First Cousin, Sev, and his daughter, Shelby, whom I had never met in person at that time. She is BEAUTIFUL, despite having Sev for a father! HA! Just kidding, 'cuz he looks Great Too! Just ask his girlfriend Tammy! :o)

We also saw another First Cousin, Will, and his entire family, which includes 5 Beautiful, Energetic, Fabulous kids: Justin, Hattie, Nicole, Garrett & Zoe. His wife Dawn has a wonderful spirit, and they are just a great couple. We had never met any of the kids or Dawn in person, but had watched them grow up from pictures Dawn had shared with us over the years. Will is really enjoying his current job in Fort Polk and he and Dawn are wanting more kids. They make beautiful, smart kids, so I'm all for that!

Lucas just -loved- playing with Justin. At one point the kids got hot and Justin took off his shirt, and Lucas HAD to take his shirt off too, just to be like Justin!

The empty lot next door to Aunt Charlene's house had a HUGE pile of dirt that had been delivered to be used to level the lot. However, the kids found it, and, well, a significant amount of that dirt ended up in the lake! And the mound was -definitely- rounded off from all of the 'king of the mountain' playing :o)
The kids also enjoyed swinging on a rope swing from one of the big trees, chasing the ducks, fishing, flying kites, playing ball, and running around and just being kids!

We also saw another First Cousin, Kitzia, and her family. Her two kids, Devon and Thomas are getting so big! We had seen them last year in March, and they are still great kids! David, her husband, seems really happy with his job too.

We also got to visit with Aunt Charlene & Uncle West, Aunt Becky & Uncle Barry, Aunt Marguerite, Aunt Angela, Aunt Jane & Uncle Hugh, and Aunt Gretchen and Uncle Larry.

So it was an awesome time!
We had an Easter Egg Hunt in Nanny yard on Sunday afternoon, and the kiddo's really enjoyed that. Chantelle organized it, and had two areas set up: one for the little kids and one for the bigger ones. The bigger kids also had 1 Gold Egg and 1 Silver Egg....both of which contained MONEY....and Shelby found BOTH!! What luck!

And we also had a crawfish boil on Sunday. Which was also AWESOME! And I don't have any pictures of this, but I'm sure someone does, so if you send it along, I'll add it to this post.....yes, that's a hint! :o)

I will attach some of the pictures that I took, but if any of you are reading this and have other pictures, send them to me and I'll attach them as well.

Love and Easter Bunnies!

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Anonymous said...

WOW!! What great FUN!! Wish we could have been there for the Easter Egg hunt but alas, it was too much for the munchkins. Thanks for the wonderful description of everything... I felt like I was right there for it all!! :) Love, Dawn